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Replenish Essence - Chinese Modular Solutions (Drops)

Replenish Essence - Chinese Modular Solutions (Drops)

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Supports and sustains overall strength and well-being. Supports healthy menopause. Supports fertility and conception. Supports strong bones, robust immunity, and healthy aging.

Restores the Yin and Yang Postnatal Essence (Hou Tian Jing) of the Kidney Network, counters the decline of the Prenatal Essence (Xian Tian Jing), and reinforces the Yin and Yang of the Life Gate (Ming Men).


 Pin Yin Herb Common Name
Sheng di huang Raw rehmannia root
Ci wu jia Eleuthero root and rhizome
Gou qi zi Lycium fruit
Lu jiao jiao Deerhorn gelatin (soybean)
Bai shao White peony root
Du zhong Eucommia bark
Sang ji sheng Loranthus herb
Shan zhu yu Asiatic cornelian cherry
Wu wei zi Schisandra fruit
Yin yang huo Epimedium herb
Tu si zi Chinese dodder seed
Lian xu Lotus stamen
Zi shi ying Fluorite
Dong chong xia cao Cordyceps fruiting body
Sha ren ren Chinese amomum fruit
Yi zhi ren Sharp-leaf galangal fruit
Che qian zi Plantain seed
Ze xie Asian water plaintain rhizome
Huang bai Phellodendron bark
Recommended Adult Dosage:
1 to 2 tablets, 2-3 times daily

Use only as directed by your health care provider and seek their advice if pregnant or nursing.
Keep out of reach of children.

Store at room temperature.

Keep tightly capped, and out of direct sunlight.

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