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Khalsa Integrative Care

ProBoost - Thymic Protein A - 4 Mcg (30 Packets)

ProBoost - Thymic Protein A - 4 Mcg (30 Packets)

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Immune Modulator & Anti-viral Agent

  • Unique sublingual powder for optimal benefit
  • Promotes production of T-lymphocyte cells
  • Effective Thymus gland and immune support

The thymus gland, the master organ of the immune system, produces T cells, key defenders of your health. As we age the thymus gland shrinks, leaving only the remnants of thymic protein stimulation. The single protein contained in Pro Boost Thymic supports thymus activity by increasing the production of T4 lymphocytes.

Until recently, the idea of oral administration of proteins has been excluded, because large polypeptides would be digested and unabsorbed. Because the product [ProBoost Protein Thymic A] is taken sublingually, the degradation of the protein in the stomach is avoided. Furthermore, large proteins can be absorbed intact across oral mucous membranes.

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